I’m standing in my kitchen and noticing how the sky has arrived at the most vivid pink before changing into black. The foothills and treetops are silhouetted against the setting sun, their shadows stretching long across the landscape. The fire flies light up like tiny explosions into the cool summer night air. I'm stuck on a simple question right now: Why post anything on the internet anymore?

I was a bit ahead of my time, as a kid in the late 80's I was an early adopter of computers. My dad had a small computer repair business going on and I would smash my fingers on large keyboards all night long. I remember the first time logging "online", initially the possibilities seemed endless, in reality I was just typing in brand names so see if they had a web site yet.

The internet has grown beyond my wildest dreams. It has given a voice to the voiceless, a platform for the underdogs, and a way for anyone with an idea to be heard. It has also become a cesspool of negativity, trolls, and echo chambers.

I've written blogs, guest pieces, forum postings, and other sorts of content. So why keep going?

I believe it's the act of making something and putting it out there for everyone to see. It's the hope that someone, somewhere will find it useful or interesting. It's the idea that we can share our thoughts and ideas with others and build upon them. I also find writing helps me digest unprocessed thoughts of my own.

The internet has allowed us to connect with people all over the world, and I think that is a good thing. We can learn from each other, share our culture, and open up new ways of thinking.

I am curious as to what is next.

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Mike Robinson

I am a marketing and branding professional, designer, artist and musician. Owner @ adeptcreative.com Illustrator @ absolutescifi.com Learn more @ mikerobinson.io